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AdsJack is a digital platform where viewers can engage with Ads directly. Viewers have to register and then login to watch and share Ads for earning Jack points. Advertisers can build their Ads which allows the Viewers to interact with Ads through AdsJack.

AdsJack is the latest digital marketing platform where you can discover brands and their products.

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Discover Brands

Utilize your free time for earning jack points and get benefitted from offers and coupons by engaging and sharing entertaining Ads.

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Rejoice in Ads

Receive Jack points for every Ad viewed and shared on Social Media.

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Obtain Jack Points

Encash your Jack points into your wallet, and spend them on online shopping.

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Smart Spending

Brand prominence is essential to withstand against competitors. AdsJack is a digital marketing platform, which helps the advertisers to reach audiences with interactive Ads.

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Brand Promotion

Multiply your audiences via social media sharing options provided to the AdsJack viewers.

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Expanding Viewers

AdsJack platform incorporates Direct Marketing via Ad Campaigns to promote your brand and products by reaching target audiences.

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Direct Marketing

Detail performance of each Ad campaign can be used for improving sales and decision making.

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Real Time Analytics


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Earn Freebies When You View Ads in Your Spare Time

AdsJack.com is giving away free talk time and free data. All you have to do is sign up for a free AdsJack ...Read More

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AdsJack is giving away talk time and data

Did you hear? A free AdsJack account is your shortcut to free talktime, free data and free cashback ...Read More

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